Thursday, October 7, 2010

Some of My Favorite Things!

When I decided that I was going to Blog today, I had the intent of posting pictures from this weekend and catching up on recent events. But while trying to upload pictures I was attempting to use the wrong cable for my camera and managed to mess it up.  So I guess I will be purchasing a memory card reader. So instead I am going to blog about some of my favorite things (at least at this moment.) 

Favorite New Addiction: Netflix
Lee and I have been enjoying Netflix for a while now. We love being able to watch movies and TV shows instantly on our Wii and also getting a new movie in the mail every few days.  In fact I am enjoying The Back Up Plan with Jennifer Lopez and have Night at the Museum 2 waiting for me to watch.  Lee and I had to upgrade to 2 movies at time because we were watching so many!  

Favorite HBO Show: True Blood
Lee and I both LOVE this show!  Of course we started watching it at Netflix. 

Favorite Showtime Show: a Tie!
Dexter is more suspense where as Weeds is a comedy.  

I have recently found a magazine that I love! 

The magazine is PACKED full of coupons, ways to save money, crafts and all sorts of fun stuff!  The website is amazing!  Daily they give away FREE SAMPLES. Check it out early because they are limited. 

Some of Favorite Places to Shop:

Well I think that is enough for one night.  

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lost Friend....

I have be wanting to do this post for sometime, but just now getting around to it....

I have officially lost one of my oldest and best friendships.  

This person and I met in the 5th grade and were best friends up until last year.  We had so much history that I thought we would always be friends.  Growing up we went on vacations together, snuck out together, talked about boys together, went on double dates, took a college class together and even were in each others weddings! 

We started drifting apart in 2008, but we stayed connected, until everything feel apart shortly after my wedding in May of 2009, which was the last time I saw her. Nothing happened directly with the two of us, but there are/were some third party issues that caused our friendship to end. 

Over the last 6 or so months I have really had a desire to reconnect with this person. I was willing to forget all about the third party issues just to have her as a friend again. I feel like there is a gap in my life that she once filled. I have tried on several occasions to reconnect with this person.  I even tried to see if we could have lunch together as recently as two weeks ago. 

I have decided that I am done trying to reconnect.  I have done all I can do.  I wish her and her family the best and maybe one day we will speak again. 

Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Latest Creation!

While in Canada I made a shower gift/center piece for my cousin 
and his future wife.

My Towel Cake

2 Wash Cloths (Top)
2 Hand Towels (Middle)
2 Bath Towels (Bottom)
Then use your support to hold it all together. 
You will need something tall and straight to go in the middle to support it.

Simply fold the hand towels and bath towels in to thirds 
and roll them together. Do the same with the wash cloths 
except only fold them in half. 
Then I used a pizza pan as the base.
Then decorate to fit the event!

Summer Vacation Part III!

On Wednesday July 21 we went to the Cincinnati Zoo.  It was fun, but we went on YMCA day care day.....there were unattended kids everywhere!!!  Here are just a few of my favorite pictures:

After the Zoo we headed to Louisville to have Dinner with Lee's Sister's Family:
Dede, Mike & Hannah
It was really great to see them and spend some time with them.
On the way home, I decide that I would go to Canada with my parents.  I got home at 12:30 am washed 2 really quick loads of clothes and we left my parents house at 3:30 am.  I had  a great time in Canada. I was able to see almost all my family.  And Sophie did really great in the car!

Summer Vacation Part II!

On Monday Jul 19 and Tuesday July 20 we went to Kings Island!  Lee and I are both roller-coaster junkies so we had an amazing time!!!

As you walk in

waiting in line at Lee's Favorite Ride - Flight of Fear

Waiting in line at the Crypt - 
I hated this ride, yet we rode it like 4 times....

Summer Vacation Part I!

For our Summer Vacation Lee and I headed up to Cincinnati, Ohio.  
Sunday July 18 - 
We went to a Reds Baseball game!  It was really hot and we lost, but it was still a great time!

For Dinner that night we went to Pappadeaux

They had 10 pound lobsters!!

My drink that I am sure was only vodka and a chunk of watermelon. 

Us Dressed Up for Dinner

Sounds Game!

On June 27th, Lee and I went to the Nashville Sounds Game.  The Sounds were playing the Texas Round Rock Express.  We actually got to see them finish up the game from the night before then play another game.  The Sounds lost one and won one.  Our seats were right on the 3rd base line.  We sat there for a little while, but since so many balls get hit down the 3rd base line and it was so hot in the sun, we moved to behind home plate and into the shade.